How to Turn Movable Cubicles into Your Safe Haven

By | September 13, 2016

Movable cubicles are typically eight feet by eight feet square in size with three low, bland and gray walls. Some office workers are greatly satisfied with the cubicle’s minimalistic design as it improves their focus and eliminates mental clutter. Others, however, find it to be a little boring, making them reduce their energy and productivity.

Movable-CubiclesIf you are a full-time employee, you are almost certainly spending most of your time in your workspace. If that’s true, you may want to pause for a while and ponder on what your cube looks like. To boost productivity and creativity, and to give you ample amount of stress relief throughout your working day, it is a good idea to make your workstation as comfortable and as homey as possible.

You can’t do anything about the limited space, but you can definitely change your cubicle’s atmosphere for the better. Here are some tips:

1. Adorn the walls and floor

Because the walls and floor of movable cubicles are the largest areas that the eyes can see, keeping it bare and featureless can be very monotonous. You can cover your inner walls with a blissful wallpaper design, or if you tend to be a minimalist, accessorize them with subtle decorations. One or two photo frames containing motivational messages will do. The floor is easier to decorate as you can just place a small carpets in your preferred locations to add life.

Just make sure to ask your boss first if you can do this since movable cubicles are, well, movable and you may have a hard time tearing out wall papers when it’s time to rearrange.

2. Keep clutter off your desk

Your desk is your immediate working space and you should keep clutter off of it as often as possible. Studies show that one of the reasons why an employee is having negative feelings while at work is a cluttered desk. Sometimes it’s as easy as having a clean workspace to achieve much-needed peace and relaxation.

Organize your papers into piles: one for items currently working on, items accomplished, items to work later, and a separate pile for non work-related. Only put out the papers you are presently working on, while keeping the other piles hidden in their own “home” drawers. By assigning your papers their own “homes,” you can avoid the added stress of having difficulty in finding a specific item or document in cases you need them.

3. Adjust the lighting and temperature

Movable CubiclesIf it is possible, improve the lighting and temperature of your work area. If it is shared by all, you can try using spot lights with full spectrum bulbs. This will set a mood as if you are working in sunlight. You can also place a small fan or a small portable heater in your cube if the office thermostat is too hot or too cold for you.

Lighting and temperature has a major effect in a person’s overall disposition. If you can find the best possible combination for you, the more productive you can become.

4. Place items that remind you of home

Because you are in your cubicle for most of your waking time, do yourself a favor and put some items that will remind you of home. A family photo, some living things like a potted plant or a small aquarium, and one of your pillows will help a lot in giving your small sanctuary the feel of home.