Advantages and Disadvantages of Golf Shoes

By | January 31, 2017

Golf is a sport that requires its practioners to utilize clubs in order to hit dimple-filled golf balls and place them inside holes. Researchers suggest that this game was invented by the Scots, who also created certain rules for playing it. During the previous centuries, players would often play this game while wearing their long coats and fluffy dresses. Nowadays, golf organizations allow golfers to wear polo shirts and shorts. If you’re planning to learn this game, make sure to purchase your own set of golf balls and clubs.


Golf Shose

Buying golf apparel is also a must. Most golf equipment including the apparel can be bought in stores selling sporting goods. They are also available in some online shops that offer golf-related items. Golf course officials also recommend the players to purchase golf shoes that usually contain spikes. Buying them is as important as getting clubs and balls.

To know more about these shoes, below is a list containing their advantages and disadvantages.


Golf shoes have their own set of advantages. There are some reasons why golfers wear them before playing games.

Designed for golfers

The great thing about these shoes is that, they were exclusively designed for golfers. Most golf organizations require players to wear them. It will be hard to learn how to play golf without them. Golf shoes were created to help players walk and perform in slippery and muddy areas.

Can prevent golf-related accidents

Aside from providing comfort and feet support, these shoes can also prevent players from experiencing golf-related accidents. The spikes help them accomplish it. These attachments also help the players in maintaining balance. Without the spikes, it will be hard for golfers to reach rough areas fast. There’s also a tendency for them to slip and fall in golf courses.

Have various types

Just like other athletic shoes, these shoes have a lot of types as well. If you want classic-looking shoes, you can go for the leather ones while those who like light and soft shoes can pick the ones made from synthetics. There are also special shoes designed for specific seasons like golf boots which are used during the winter season and golf sandals that are perfect for summer. Some of these shoes are also affordable. You can buy a branded pair of golf shoes online for as low as $20.


If these shoes have advantages, they also have disadvantages as well and here are some of them.

Can only be used for golf

The exclusivity of these shoes can be considered as a disadvantage as well. Athletes who prefer using multi-purpose shoes might not like them. The features of these shoes are different from ordinary rubber shoes. Runners and Football players will surely buy special shoes designed for them instead of these shoes that might affect their performance.

Replaceable spikes

The spikes of these shoes can also bring various problems to golfers. During the old days, several golf clubs banned players from wearing shoes with metal spikes because these items can damage the greens in golf courses. Nowadays, people use replaceable plastic spikes or spikeless shoes to prevent damaging golf course facilities. Since these spikes can be detached, some players might accidentally lose them. Losing them will require you to buy new ones and some people might find it impractical. Players are also required to replace the ones that are worn out already. There are also some cases wherein certain spikes are not available in stores. People who don’t have much time and have no spikeless golf shoes might find it hard to look for them in other shops


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How to Turn Movable Cubicles into Your Safe Haven

By | September 13, 2016

Movable cubicles are typically eight feet by eight feet square in size with three low, bland and gray walls. Some office workers are greatly satisfied with the cubicle’s minimalistic design as it improves their focus and eliminates mental clutter. Others, however, find it to be a little boring, making them reduce their energy and productivity.

Movable-CubiclesIf you are a full-time employee, you are almost certainly spending most of your time in your workspace. If that’s true, you may want to pause for a while and ponder on what your cube looks like. To boost productivity and creativity, and to give you ample amount of stress relief throughout your working day, it is a good idea to make your workstation as comfortable and as homey as possible.

You can’t do anything about the limited space, but you can definitely change your cubicle’s atmosphere for the better. Here are some tips:

1. Adorn the walls and floor

Because the walls and floor of movable cubicles are the largest areas that the eyes can see, keeping it bare and featureless can be very monotonous. You can cover your inner walls with a blissful wallpaper design, or if you tend to be a minimalist, accessorize them with subtle decorations. One or two photo frames containing motivational messages will do. The floor is easier to decorate as you can just place a small carpets in your preferred locations to add life.

Just make sure to ask your boss first if you can do this since movable cubicles are, well, movable and you may have a hard time tearing out wall papers when it’s time to rearrange.

2. Keep clutter off your desk

Your desk is your immediate working space and you should keep clutter off of it as often as possible. Studies show that one of the reasons why an employee is having negative feelings while at work is a cluttered desk. Sometimes it’s as easy as having a clean workspace to achieve much-needed peace and relaxation.

Organize your papers into piles: one for items currently working on, items accomplished, items to work later, and a separate pile for non work-related. Only put out the papers you are presently working on, while keeping the other piles hidden in their own “home” drawers. By assigning your papers their own “homes,” you can avoid the added stress of having difficulty in finding a specific item or document in cases you need them.

3. Adjust the lighting and temperature

Movable CubiclesIf it is possible, improve the lighting and temperature of your work area. If it is shared by all, you can try using spot lights with full spectrum bulbs. This will set a mood as if you are working in sunlight. You can also place a small fan or a small portable heater in your cube if the office thermostat is too hot or too cold for you.

Lighting and temperature has a major effect in a person’s overall disposition. If you can find the best possible combination for you, the more productive you can become.

4. Place items that remind you of home

Because you are in your cubicle for most of your waking time, do yourself a favor and put some items that will remind you of home. A family photo, some living things like a potted plant or a small aquarium, and one of your pillows will help a lot in giving your small sanctuary the feel of home.